We are clear. simple. different.

At Dorschel, we make the car-buying experience an enjoyable one.

At Dorschel, we decided to completely revolutionize the car buying experience with a clear simple different way to buy. At Dorschel Automotive with nine brands and over 1500 vehicles to choose from, you're sure to find what you want. And, with our comp check pricing you'll get the best price. All that's left is an enjoyable and easy buying experience. That's where clear simple different really sets us apart and ensures you of the best possible price in the market.

What is Clear. Simple. Different?


Let's start with our Comp Check Pricing Policy. We clearly display and communicate our best possible price upfront every single day on every single vehicle on our lot. In fact, we know it's the best price because we devote a full time person using the most sophisticated software to check our competition and 3rd party pricing sources, like Truecar, Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. We use Kelley Blue Book's Price Advisor to make sure that your vehicle is priced below industry standard for your vehicle. This lets us see what others are paying in the market and we keep our prices below everyone else's. After all we have to be the best price because they're clearly marked for all to see. Plus we automatically apply every discount, every incentive and every rebate available to every vehicle every day. At Dorschel, we want to make sure you always get our best possible price. Our unequaled up front and clear pricing will get you here, and this new way to buy a car will keep you coming back.


At Dorschel, we have revolutionized the car buying experience, taking steps to simplify the overall transaction process and to get you into the vehicle that best fits your needs. You deal with one client advisor throughout the entire buying experience, including the finance department. For your convenience, we want to get you in and out of our dealership as quickly and easily as possible and want to save you the hassle from being handed off from person to person. You asked for it, and we've delivered.


Our client advisors are not paid on commission like most car sales people. We recognized early on that in order to offer the best price and the best experience we had to compensate our sales people in a way that focuses them on your needs and your satisfaction not the big sale. You'll find that a customer satisfaction oriented client advisor is very refreshing. So as you can see this really is a better way to shop for your next car. That's why customers love us and that's why with Dorschel Automotive you'll find a clear simple different way to buy and that's a promise!

Something you may not know about the Dorschel automotive family... we have the largest selection of certified used vehicles in the area, we also supply our sister stores Upstate Auto, with used vehicles. So it just makes sense. Nobody in Rochester needs your trade-in more than Dorschel that's why you will always get the most for your vehicle at Dorschel guaranteed.

The alternative is going to high priced auctions for questionable cars and paying auction prices and shipping fees like most dealers do. And remember we'll buy your vehicle even if you don't by ours. Bottom line is that you you will always be guaranteed the highest trade in offer at Dorschel.

Experience a revolutionized way to buy a new or used vehicle at Dorschel!